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Fastracc SA is a well experienced organization based in Athens, Greece. Our activities and services are mainly categorized into 4 sectors: Facilities, Security, Travel-Transport and Accommodation. Our main brands are Chauffuer Greece and HLS Security, providing transport and security services respectively, though we constantly expand our radius, offering more and more facilities.
Supporting people is our main goal and improving their quality of life is our purpose. That's why Fastracc offers facilities management services, specialized in supporting the funcionality and sustainability of buildings and real estate.
"HLS-Security" (High Level Services of Security) is a Greek company that provides innovative private -local sector solutions to Greek and non Greek clients. Founded in 2007, we were initially envisioned as a basic training facility to support the needs of executive and private services.
Chauffeur Greece features a state-of-the-art fleet of luxury and executive vehicles, an experienced team of professional drivers, a computerized booking /dispatch system and a customizable portfolio of specialized transportation services like meetings and events, private aviation ground transport, business traveling and sightseeing tours.
We offer a wide variety of accommodation options, in our hotels and rooms located all over Greece. The range of our services is able to please every client, offering affordable standard Airbnb rooms as well as luxury hotels and villas.